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The AI landscape is abuzz with funding as investors recognize the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. But amid the surge, it is inGen Dynamics that’s turning heads, recently making headlines again by securing a three-fold increase in its investment commitment from GEM, soaring from $50 million to a staggering $150 million.

With a mission that goes beyond business, inGen Dynamics envisions utilizing advanced AI and robotics to elevate human capabilities and improve living standards worldwide. Their impressive product lineup, expanding research, and the recent influx of investor confidence, including GEM Global’s significant increased commitment, all point towards an exciting trajectory for the company.


InGen Dynamics is not just a tech company; it's a beacon for progress. With its compelling vision and innovative products like Aido and Aido Carry & Go, it serves as a vivid illustration of the power and potential of AI and robotics. As we collectively navigate the technological landscape, we can confidently say that the future of AI and robotics looks brighter with InGen Dynamics at the helm.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We passionately believe that Robotics and AI have the incredible potential of improving our lives in a manner that we have never dreamt possible.

At Ingen Dynamics, our vision is to deliver this reality through our intuitive, intelligent, and practical Robotics & AI solutions. And our goal is to help millions of people live fuller, healthier, and safer lives regardless of where they are in the world, even at their place of work.

This is the future we want to build.

An empowering, enabling, and more satisfying future.

InGen Dynamics

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Long Term Market Opportunity( 2-3 Decades )


Near Term Market Opportunity( 5-10 years )


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By 2023, our 100-strong, multilingual team will encompass 15 nationalities across 12 time zones

Dear Stakeholders, Employees, Partners, Customers, and Investors.

I am writing to you today as the founder of InGen Dynamics, a company that stands at the confluence of AI, robotics, and a rapidly evolving technological landscape. I am thrilled to share with you why this is a particularly exciting time to be part of our journey. As we collectively steer towards a future where AI and robotics are integral components of our daily lives, InGen Dynamics is positioned at the forefront of this transformation, playing a pivotal role in shaping the course of history.

For all of us, this is more than just a business – it's a shared mission to utilize advanced AI and robotics to elevate human capabilities and improve living standards worldwide. With our formidable suite of products, such as Sentinel, Aido, Kaiser.Haus, and Origami, we are well-prepared to address the growing need for automation, driven by the Future of Work, the labour shortage crisis, the need for Service Robotics, and the pursuit of Environmental Sustainability. Moreover, our commitment to enhance human life and productivity extends far beyond financial gains, with a vision for a better, safer, and more efficient future for humanity.

Together, we're harnessing AI and robotics to uplift human potential and global living standards.Our pride, the Sentinel enterprise asset management and security solution, alongside the smart automation Kaiser.Haus products, have already exceeded a staggering 750,000 hours of field operations. As for the Aido line, 50 of our tabletop pre-production units are already being manufactured and distributed across the globe for feedback. The Aido Wheel Mobility hit the market in Q3 2023, while Aido Ball Mobility is hotly anticipated for late Q3 2024. We're proud to share that our initial Aido Carry & Go units, tailor-made for hospitality and retail, were introduced in Q3 2023, with pilot runs taking place globally, including selected North American locales. Not to forget, the Fari, Kobe, and Senpai bundles have been unveiled in the same quarter. While Rover and Humanoid are still in the R&D phase, we're eagerly awaiting the prototype release in 2024.

From a financial perspective, we're seeing strong momentum. Sentinel and Kaiser.Haus are revenue-generating boasting nearly 750,000 operational hours. Aido Carry & Go and Origami AI platform are showing promising revenue pipelines of $18M and $35M respectively. Further our Aido product range including the Carry & Go envisions a net revenue of $45M. And our Rover and Humanoid are set for a 2024/2025 debut.

As we forge ahead, we're excited about our upcoming Pre Mini-IPO community round and Mini-IPO, buoyed by post-IPO anchor investor GEM's increased $150M commitment and the continued support of nearly all our previous investors.

Join us in redefining industries, revolutionizing how we live, and making a mark in history. Together, let's shape a tech-driven future for the betterment of all.

Warm regards,

Arshad Hisham
Founder and CEO
InGen Futurenauts

InGen Futurenauts

Welcome to the InGen Futurenaut Program, where we offer a unique opportunity for students and graduates to embark on an extraordinary journey in the field of Technology, Robotics, AI, and related domains. Our program is designed to revolutionize human capabilities by providing hands-on experience and cutting-edge skill development. With a flexible module approach, you can explore diverse fields every month and work on real-world projects that shape the future of technology. Join us to gain essential skills, and make a lasting impact on the world.

During your program, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in various domains, including Robot Software, Robot Hardware, Sentinel, AI/Deep Learning, UX/UI/Social Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, and DevOps Support, among others. Our comprehensive program covers subjects like Node.js, React Native, React Js, software implementation, testing, hardware design, and system engineering. This structured learning approach ensures that you develop expertise and a well-rounded understanding of the technology industry.

At InGen Dynamics, we believe in the power of practical experience. That's why our participants work on real-world projects such as Aido, Fari, Senpai, KOBE, Sentinel, and inGen Rover. You'll collaborate with cross-functional teams, learn from experienced professionals, and contribute to cutting-edge research and development initiatives. This hands-on exposure allows you to apply your skills to solve complex challenges, gain a deep understanding of the product development lifecycle, and make a tangible impact on your potential technology career.

Are you ready to be part of the future? Join us to revolutionize human capabilities, work on state-of-the-art projects, and pave the way for a thriving technology career.

Start your adventure today and become a inGen Futurenaut!



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